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Special Events - Quantum Healing Webinars

if you can't participate live you can purchase the video later and watch it as many times as you wish. Because I am working within the quantum field, you are having access to the healing energies every time you tune yourself into it.

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The Lion's Gate 

Rose Touch & Rose Talk with Therese Wenk

Sunday, 06th Aug. 2018, 06:00 pm - 06:45 pm CET

Quantum Healing Space Webinar

The Rose Touch is my own form of Quantum Healing, that is once a month given as a free group Session. While the first 30 minutes of the Webinar you can join to experience the Transmission of "The Monthly Rose Touch" live.
We will then continue with the Rose Talk, this month we will talk about the energies of the Lion´s Gate, as a preparation of the 8-8 Portal, getting in tune with the strong energies, coming in these days.

Magic Moon
Friday, 27th July 2018, 08:00 pm - 08:45 pm CET

Quantum Healing Space Webinar

July 27th, 2018 a very special Full Moon is 
taking place. It is also a very strong Moon Eclipse, bringing in very strong evolutionary energies into our personal and collective lives. Over the next year(s) there will be great changes occurring in our lives. We are assisting you to get in touch with these very powerful energies, so you will be able to use them in the best ways possible. We will explain about the energetic weather, as to understand the energies makes it easier for the mind to accept these changes. And we will assist you with our abilities as energy healers, so you can tune into the frequencies and make the best out of it. There´s a reason why you came here in this point in time. So fear it not, instead be the change you want to see in the world.


New Star(t)

Quantum Healing Space Webinar

A few hours before the webinar is taking place there is a special New Moon and Solar Eclipse taking place, that is setting the energetic tone for the next 6 month and also giving an idea what direction we will take for the next 18 month globally and personally.
There are some really beautiful astrological constellations in the sky at the moment, that make it very easy for us to come into contact with our own true being. It´s a great time to pay attention to the voice of our Soul and give intention where we wanna go, how we want to feel and live and what we want to experience now.
You do not need any astrological knowledge to join the webinar, this is just an explanation so you can see why we choose this date for the webinar. Read more by clicking on the event's picture....

Zero Point Field

Neutralisation of the past

Quantum Healing Space Webinar

Within this webinar I am taking you to your zero point field to release and neutralize the past in order for you to step into a brighter future. 
We will be healing and releasing karmic blocks especially from your bloodline and past lives. Rewriting your past within your DNA will help you tremendously to start living you true potentials without the hindrance of genetic and energetic attachments.

You can watch this video as many times as you wish to access these amazing vibrations and because it's done in the quantum field, you'll receive / release exactly what you is ready for you every time you tune into it. 

All you "need" to do is to relax, open your heart and let it happen. Expect some profound changes in your own rhythm and perfect timing of your soul.



Quantum Healing Space Webinar

closed Facebook group available for sharing, supporting, inspiring and connecting with other participants or asking any questions as this process is ideally done over a period of 7 to 21 days.


By booking this webinar you'll get in touch with the healing frequencies of source. I am offering this unique new way of transmitting the healing power of pure love to you for healing, balancing and transforming your life. Experience the unique activation of your personal blueprint / template - simply amazing!
You can watch this video daily or frequently to access these amazing vibrations and because it's done in the quantum field, you'll receive exactly what you need every time you tune into it. 
All you "need" to do is to relax, open your heart and let it happen. Expect some profound changes in your own rhythm and perfect timing of your soul.


Twin Flame 

Quantum Healing Space Webinar


We are connecting and harmonizing the Twins frequencies into becoming one single song of the soul in this quantum healing webinar. Within the field of pure love, we are uniting the divine feminine with the divine male principle within ourselves and anchoring this experience into the physical bodies. 
It doesn't matter if you are a Twin or not, or not aware of it yet. Relax and enjoy this union /marriage within you, become one and feel the love of home, for you to move into your souls mission. 
Listen to the replay of this webinar as many times as you wish to connect with these healing energies.


All about abundance 

Quantum Healing Space Webinar


In the New Energies Abundance is expressed quite different than in the past. It is a natural flow in all areas of life, abundance is connecting and nourishing all beings with ease, grace and joy. We will work with you on an energetic level to connect and open up for these beautiful energies. All you have to do is to join, open up and relax 

 High Vibe Astrology -Quantum Healing Space Webinar

Integration of your SoulStar: 
As a surprise even for Natalie and me, we received only few minutes prior to this event the information, that we are about to integrate the SoulStar for the participants as well (besides connecting everyone to the higher evolved version of our entire solar system). Our SoulStar brings in the wisdom, knowledge, skills, life purpose and much more from our universal self. Feel into this video as many times as you are guided to, to integrate your own SoulStar and get ready for major changes in our life. 
Enjoy, open your heart and soul and allow this magic process to unfold in your unique rhythm and timing. 


In this Webinar we align you via Quantum Healing with the high vibe expressions of the planets in our solar system.
Planets have energetic expression; those of low frequencies and those with high vibes. We assist you in aligning with the higher frequencies of the planets. 

No astrological knowledge necessary. We are working on an energetic level, while you just have to join, relax and allow yourself to get in tune with the high vibes presented to you.

In addition you will receive your personal connection to your Soul Star. A truly amazing experience.


Natalie Esser

Rose Touch & Rose Talk with Therese Wenk

Transmission of unconditional love and DNA quantum healing meditation

The Rose Touch is my own form of quantum healing and once a month I give a free transmission of these loving energies for free. In the second part of the session I have a special guest, which was in this case Therese Wenk from http://healingconnection.ch/. Our topic has been “Take care of yourself by anchoring your souls frequency into the physical”. Therese had received a special way to work on the DNA at a quantum level and shared this with us, what was really amazing. 

Meditation with
Mother Earth

Quantum Healing Space Webinar

Together we unite our healing power of love with Mother Earth to create a connecting bridge to the new Earth for the benefit of all beings. And because we are working in the quantum field, you will receive your own personal share of healing and connecting as well. 
Special guest: Oded Lobel

Free to be me 

Quantum Healing Space Webinar

"Free to be me" is the perfect motto for 2018. This webinar goes out to all who want to reconnect with their true being and dare to let go of all the old luggage and bonds, that are holding them back. Muriel Shickman, Therese Wenk and Natalie Esser are your quantum assistants of the new energy. Please be assured that a safe space will be provided. All you need to do is to relax, make sure you won´t be disturbed and drink plenty of water. This will help process the energies. Happy to have you with us if you choose to ♥